Acuity refers to the clarity of thought, vision and hearing. Human beings have 20/20 vision, an eagle 20/5, four times enhanced.

At 20Five Wealth we see opportunities and obstacles like the Verreaux’s eagle  – spotting an ant on the sidewalk from a ten story building.

Trusting financial advice comes from a deep understanding of yesterday’s decisions and tomorrow’s bearing.

Our passion is true financial wellbeing amongst all walks of life, leaving a watermark of educated investors.

Be the entrepreneur of your own life. Seeing beyond the moment.

Our Services


  • Wealth Management (offshore and local investments)
  • Personal and commercial overhead expense analysis / cost accounting
  • Tax consulting
  • Risk cover (personal cover, buy-and-sell agreements, key person and contingent liability cover – life cover, disability cover, severe illness cover, income protection)
  • Short term insurance (personal and commercial)
  • Asset protection advice
  • Employee Benefits
  • Medical Aid
  • Estate planning

Specialised Services

  • Rent-a-CFO / Accounting
  • Key Individual Services / Supervision
  • Debt counselling
  • Business / Life Coaching
  • Freight forwarding
  • HR and Payroll administration
  • Trustee services
  • On & offshore trust structures

Why use Us

The 20Five Wealth team consist of specialised independent wealth advisors and consultants.

Our years of experience in the industry play a vital role in how we structure and create a meaningful roadmap for your individual journey.

The combination of chartered accountants, senior advisors, certified financial planners, debt counsellors, engineers and neuro linguistic programmers shows a depth of knowledge to solve your planning needs. The team evolves and are being handpicked on an ongoing basis. You never know when you might be sitting in an interview.

We value a partnership of the highest ethical standard.

Financial astuteness is one of our key deliverables. This is only possible through precise observation of your needs and a tailor made solution.

Careful consideration of your personal/business overheads takes priority, reduction of debt is next in line, and finally we take care of your investment growth.

One of the largest elements in retirement remains medical expenses. 20Five Wealth, like the Verreaux’s eagle, can sense such matters approaching faster than the human eye could see.

Say hello to our team

Marthinus Steyn

Chartered Accountant (SA) / Founder

Bardien Pienaar

Chief Operating Officer

Kristia Hall

Operations Manager

Amy van Wyk

Finance Manager

Michael Herion

Senior Financial Advisor

Babalwa Nonkenge

MBA / Investment Specialist Advisor

Theuns Botha

Financial Advisor

Marcel Wasserman

Senior Financial Advisor
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Chantel Wasserman

Administration for Marcel Wasserman
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Tishan Ramaya

Financial Advisor / Commercial and Personal Lines Specialist
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Diaan Herbst

Financial Advisor

Yvette Combrink

Administration for Diaan Herbst

Yousuf Karrim

CA (SA) / Financial Advisor
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Jean Leygonie

Senior Financial Advisor

Kayla Rielander

Administration for Jean Leygonie

Andre Adlem

HR Specialist
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Suné Kruger

Financial Advisor / Commercial & Personal Lines Specialist

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Midlands Estate, Pretoria

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FSP no: 50417

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